The Sandals are Official!!!

So, my girls all loved the sandals! I am so excited to have this unique aspect incorporated into my wedding! The programs at the ceremony will probably have the story of these amazing sandals on the back, so everyone will know what my girls' feet represent. Plus, how awesome is it that these are flats and won't need to be shed to tear up the dance floor later that night!? (Do all of the exclamation points tell you how pumped I am for this?)

Here are the ribbon colors (the purple will be the color I am going to wear, the champagne will be for the girls):

I have decided to pay for the bridesmaids dresses, and the girls are buying their own sandals. However, one of the best parts about these shoes are that they don't break the bank! Due to popular demand, these sandals can be special ordered for weddings from the company, and I have been in contact with Liz from Sseco Designs to get them made- they should be very reasonably priced! Additionally, these are shoes that the girls will wear again, unlike your typical dyed pump.



Anonymous said...

simply fab!!
and way to go for supporting this business! :)

Amanda said...

I cant wait for the sandals! I was just checking them out online and really love them! Ill drop a check in the mail with the next paycheck