A quick, important interjection

My friend Amanda so graciously got me stuck reading wedding blogs. To say I have become addicted to them is an understatement. I am especially drawn to the blogs that encourage and suggest budget saving solutions for planning your big day. One such blog, The Budget Savvy Bride, posted unique bridal footwear I wanted to share with you here. I have been searching for a unique touch to my wedding, and I think these sandals are fabulous.

Sseco Designs has partnered with a school in Kampala, Uganda to provide an income to girls transitioning from secondary school to a university. Uganda mandates a nine month period between the two stages in school to allow students to raise money for tuition. The problem is that girls are rarely given jobs during this time. The website gives a full background on the company and its mission. The money from these sandals will move the students from making sandals to becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. Click on the link above and check it out!

They encourage brides to email the company to inquire about special ordering for weddings! I sent out an email tonight to ask about what is available; my bridesmaids may just be sporting these sandals... stay tuned!