Bright & Beautiful

Once again, I am trying to incorporate unique and fun elements into my wedding. The newest being 36" (that's 3 feet people!) bright, colorful balloons in my wedding colors: lime green, purple, and an ivory. Although typical helium balloons scream middle school "last chance dance," these balloons give an element of whimsy and a classy playfulness to my big day. I plan on using them for a few of the pictures with the girls, then designating where our reception is by having these monsters marking the door.

The other feature of these balloons that keeps away from looking a little cheesy is their shape. They are large, spherical shapes- looking more like giant orbs than your regular, run-of-the-mill balloon. I hope that they really play up the fun and color of spring! Here is where my inspiration came from:

Martha Stewart Weddings- Summer 2009

I saw this, and thought it would be a lot of fun to incorporate into my own wedding. Below are pictures of the three balloon colors I will be using.

I'm excited to see how they play into the feel and scheme of the wedding. It's getting sooo close, and everything is falling right into place! 
By the way- I bought 10 balloons for $50 including the shipping- not a bad deal!

Gotta Love Ebay!

So, as you have gathered, I want to be as original as possible when planning my wedding. The problem I have ran into with this goal is money, always money! However, I have not had to sacrifice many of my ideas due to money. Case in point: table cloths.

Most receptions that you attend have either a white, ivory, or black table cloth. All of those are fine, and usually look very classy when dressed up nicely. I wanted something different, though. Since I've changed my colors to green and purple, I wanted to have fun with this, and play up the bright hues of spring! My idea was to have a lime green table cloth with a deep purple overlay- perfect!

The only problem is that it's expensive to do this. To rent a 120" round table cloth will run you around $19 a piece. To put the 84"x 84" overlay will add an additional $16 per table. This comes to a whopping $35 a table, or $525 to RENT my table covers! Geez... not exactly going to fall into my budget conscious wedding plan!

I started to think that just plain ivory wouldn't be that bad. I've never thought anything was wrong with the usual tables in the receptions I've been to! But... I really, really, really want the color! New plan: ebay. I spent about a week pricing out table cloths to purchase on the wonderful, world-wide yard sale, and finally found some for reasonable prices. I bought a lot of 10- and a lot of 5- 120" round, tea-green table cloths for a total of $150. Then, I bought a lot of 10- and a lot of 5- 84" x84" square, purple table cloths for $120. This brought me to a grand total of $270 to cover the tables in the reception: a far cry from the rental price. There was also a HUGE bonus to doing it this way- I can now resell these table cloths on Ebay when I'm done with them! So they may even end up free!?

I still need to get linens for the bridal table and the food tables, but this is a great start. I believe I will be able to borrow the linens for the other tables anyway! :) Below is a mock-up of what the tables will look like (without the centerpieces, of course). I am in love with this! I can't wait to see these bright, fun tables in the Event Center!