Gotta Love Ebay!

So, as you have gathered, I want to be as original as possible when planning my wedding. The problem I have ran into with this goal is money, always money! However, I have not had to sacrifice many of my ideas due to money. Case in point: table cloths.

Most receptions that you attend have either a white, ivory, or black table cloth. All of those are fine, and usually look very classy when dressed up nicely. I wanted something different, though. Since I've changed my colors to green and purple, I wanted to have fun with this, and play up the bright hues of spring! My idea was to have a lime green table cloth with a deep purple overlay- perfect!

The only problem is that it's expensive to do this. To rent a 120" round table cloth will run you around $19 a piece. To put the 84"x 84" overlay will add an additional $16 per table. This comes to a whopping $35 a table, or $525 to RENT my table covers! Geez... not exactly going to fall into my budget conscious wedding plan!

I started to think that just plain ivory wouldn't be that bad. I've never thought anything was wrong with the usual tables in the receptions I've been to! But... I really, really, really want the color! New plan: ebay. I spent about a week pricing out table cloths to purchase on the wonderful, world-wide yard sale, and finally found some for reasonable prices. I bought a lot of 10- and a lot of 5- 120" round, tea-green table cloths for a total of $150. Then, I bought a lot of 10- and a lot of 5- 84" x84" square, purple table cloths for $120. This brought me to a grand total of $270 to cover the tables in the reception: a far cry from the rental price. There was also a HUGE bonus to doing it this way- I can now resell these table cloths on Ebay when I'm done with them! So they may even end up free!?

I still need to get linens for the bridal table and the food tables, but this is a great start. I believe I will be able to borrow the linens for the other tables anyway! :) Below is a mock-up of what the tables will look like (without the centerpieces, of course). I am in love with this! I can't wait to see these bright, fun tables in the Event Center!



Anonymous said...

Erin, cool find on eBay!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic look! I love what you have done! You make us feel such a part of your wedding with your blog. Many thanks for sharing your ideas and the journey you take making each one of them a reality! You are one clever gal! Love you, Grams