Rings Please!

Another task to check off my checklist (speaking of, future brides The Knot has AMAZING bridal guides and checklists- great resource!). S and I went and picked out a ring for him this weekend! He has been apprehensive to even get a ring, so I was happy that he found one he likes. We decided on a black ceramic ring for a few reasons: 1. it immediately stood out to both of us as a nice looking ring 2. it will shatter when under enough pressure, not bend like other metals (thus smashing your finger irreparably) 3. it is non-conductive (important so that it doesn't become an element if ever in contact with electricity- as a mechanic this is a big deal).

So, here it is (well a picture of one similar).

And, for anyone interested, here's a reminder of mine :)



Anonymous said...

Shane, I look forward to seeing your ring. It looks and sounds perfect!
Lots of love and best wishes to you and Erin. Grandma Pat