A Forgotten Element

In telling the stories of my planning journey, I have left out one of my favorites.

SL, as I have mentioned, works out of town for three weeks at a time. During this time, his days start around 4:30 am because he has to leave the apartment by 6 am. Due to the early rising time, we usually say our goodnights by nine o'clock each night.

Although he has supported all of my decisions whole-heartedly (especially the decision to spend as little as possible), he was slow to make too many suggestions. The day after he proposed, he had to return to work, so I drove him to the airport. While in the car, I made a comment geared toward wedding planning to which his response was "whatever you want is fine with me, this is your day."

This comment was shortly followed by a myriad of suggestions focusing around what he has and hasn't liked at all of the previous weddings he's been to: "I really liked the chorizos * had after we had all been drinking for a while," "I didn't really like the food at * wedding, I think I'd rather have a full meal: meat and potatoes with a salad bar," "I really liked the way the tables were set up..." etc.

I just grinned and listened to all of these ideas he had that, he informed me, he hadn't really been thinking about; they were just thoughts. Haha. I believe I caught my fiance getting excited about the planning! Who knew guys paid that much attention at weddings!?

After he had been back at work for a few days, we said our goodnights per usual. About an hour and a half later I get a text that said, "a bundt cake on every table might be nice. or not, just a thought."

My first reaction is "bundt cake! really?" Soon, I moved towards more surprise that this short text meant that SL had been laying awake for an hour and a half thinking about our wedding (at least long enough to formulate that thought)! Yes, ladies, I have truly found the perfect man. As I thought about the text, I thought "bundt cake, why not!?"

So, my friends, do not be surprised if sitting in the middle of each table is a perfectly baked bundt cake. And, yes, SL has volunteered to make each and every one of these scrumptious desserts (he's an amazing cook- his chocolate lava cake thing is to die for). He even mentioned that a lazy susan might make frosting the cakes easier. Sigh... I'll be hard pressed to ever love him more than that moment.