Floral Centerpieces

As I have continually stated, I am trying to keep my wedding within a modest budget. One of the best ways I have found to do this with the reception decorations is DIY. Additionally, staying away from multiple flowers and heavy arrangements can save you a ton! I just discovered that 200 tulips in shades of white and purple will only cost me around $130 if I order them through Albertsons!

My centerpieces are going to be two single vases with a single stem submerged in water. A candle will float on the water, and marbles will disguise the base of the flower. This is going to be a great way to save money, but it could end up more expensive if I am not cautious. Below is an example of this type of centerpiece.

Each vase can kill you if you are purchasing them at $3 or more a piece. Many run closer to $5 each. The dollar store vases didn't run in the right size, but that would definitely be an option. My next place to look? IKEA!! The vases in the size I wanted (even beautifully frosted around the base) ran about $8 each- far more than I hoped since I needed to buy about 30! I did, however, find a budget friendly alternative: drinking glasses.

Ikea has a "beer glass" that has straight sides and is about 8 inches tall. This would be perfect for my arrangements! And, at $6.99 for a half dozen, these glasses fit perfectly into my budget goals! These glasses are going to work perfectly; I am very excited to get started experimenting with the centerpieces!