I love Givaways!

I have found that there are 1000s of giveaways out there! Similar to how you apply for 1000s of scholarships hoping to hit the jackpot with at least one heading into college, I hope to get something useful from at least one of these giveaways. If not, it is always fun to see other budget conscious brides' blogs! I have learned more from reading a variety of bride blogs than from any magazine, book, or T.V. show. It is just so much more real when you are getting the information from someone who's "been there, done that," not a "professional" hired to say and promote certain topics!

Anyway, the lastest (and I think greatest) giveaway out there right now is at The Broke-Ass Bride. She is giving the "gift of favor" to one lucky bride- free favors for the wedding! She points out that many times, the favors are the first to go on a tight budget (my wedding included), so she is giving away the opportunity to have that desired item, for free!

Check it out!