Staying with the budget-savviness (just made that word up!) I was planning on making my own invitations. My plan was to have my maid-of-honor visit this huge paper warehouse in Hillsboro, price out paper and supplies, and have a big "invitation-making" party. Then, I realized that for the money I save, I will be putting in quite a few hours; hours that I don't currently have available! So... here are my top two choices for invitations (already made). Both are from Wedding Paper Divas and both are very affordable!

What is nice is that I will be able to mimic both styles pretty well, and incorporate them into the theme of the rest of the decorations. The first style goes very nicely with my pomanders I made (pictures to come), and this is the one I am leaning towards. Both would work wonderfully, and I don't mind spending the money on them. After all, I have saved EVERYWHERE else in this planning process. Why not save myself some time and get the invitations all ready to go!?