The Test Was a Success!

So... as I have mentioned many times, I am having an atrocious time finding catering! This is seriously the one sore spot in my wedding planning. I have even gone so far as to take this as a bad omen on the whole day! One night a couple weeks ago, I called S (as I do every night) and we were talking about wedding planning. The food situation came up, and I started in on how difficult it is to find someone to do what we want for a price that makes sense. From this, I broke down into a blubbery mess. I was telling him that I didn't think the colors would work, that the decorations at the reception would be horrible, that the flowers wouldn't be nice because it wasn't a professional doing them, and that the DJ probably wouldn't show up.

He, of course, reminded me that all I was really supposed to be worrying about at this point was the fact that there does not seem to be a caterer in the area willing to make meat for a fair price! In fact, adding to the story about the horrible meeting with one potential, economics is actually thrown out the window for some of these rednecks (no offense, I take pride in living here!). I was informed by one, who will remain nameless, that in the restaurant prime rib costs $22 for the dinner. So, Eastern Oregon redneck economics enter stage left, that means the wedding (a guaranteed 150 people!) will be $25 per person. WHAT!!!? How does that even work!? Are you serious!? Sir, I have a degree in Accounting and Finance, and I would like you to know that it just doesn't work that way! If I can guarantee a number much greater than the two people who eat a prime rib in your restaurant any given night, your cost drops drastically; thus, the price per person should DECLINE, not increase! Crazy!

Needless to say, I have began to seek alternatives. One such alternative was cooking up my mom's great lasagna in mass quantity and freezing them about a week before the wedding. I would then hire a few good Young Life girls to throw them in the oven at the reception venue an hour before, and "viola," a meal everyone likes. But, I was concerned that freezing the lasagna would ruin the homemade taste. The only way to know was to try it!

I made up a lasagna and threw it in the freezer for a week, planning to thaw it and bake it- a test run so-to-speak. Tonight, was the moment of truth. I took out the lasagna this morning, and baked it this evening with my mom, sister, friend, and myself ready to critique the results. It was perfect, just like it had been made up that day.

This is great news! Now, the stress of finding a caterer is off my shoulders. At least I know I have a good fall back plan. I can make lasagna, and everyone likes lasagna!