It's been a while!

Some of you may have noticed that it's been a while since I last posted. School just started back up, and I am desperately needing to get back into the routine of teaching all day and having a life at night! I also notice that with my days now filled by a job, I have much less time to get anything done wedding-wise. This has become a concern in the catering department.

A caterer was one aspect I wanted to have taken care of prior to school starting back up. S had high hopes for a restaurant just out of town being able to accommodate our needs, but they fell short. They were a testiment to going with a gut feeling! Within two minutes of talking to the guy, neither S or I felt good about having them do the food. Regardless of the quality we know we get when we eat there, the thought of them being in charge of the catering on our big day scared us to death!

So, this leaves me still with the catering delimma. S really has his heart set on a full meal, but I am apprehensive to spend too much money. Does anyone have any suggestions on full meals that are budget-friendly?