Change Isn't Always a Bad Thing!

So, I've been throwing the idea around in my head for a while, and I've finally settled on changing my colors slightly. I was stressing about the change for quite some time because I thought there was NO logical way I could change colors NOW!!! Then, I remembered that I have over 6 months left, and no real decorations or stationary bought- what do I have to lose?

My colors have now shifted from eggplant and champagne to eggplant and sage with accents of champagne. The color champagne was just too difficult to find anything in!! Instead of continuing the stress over this color, I decided that I really liked the combination of purple and green, and, even better, the combo is all over the place! This makes invitations, decorations, and all other coordinating features of my wedding much easier. Now, the stress is in the creation of everything, and not in just finding the "stuff" to make the creations out of- MUCH BETTER!

I am including some samples of this color combination. Also, the sandals from Sseko Designs are in the mail!!! Pictures to follow :)

This is an inspiration board from Prima Donna Bride showing the color scheme- I don't know that I'll implement THAT much green!

Modern Girl Invitations
This is the new invitation sample I was thinking about using- a little more reflective of our casual feel!