Wow... Time Flies!

I was just noticing that it's been almost a month since I lasted posted about my wedding planning happenings! Yikes! Too long! So... here's a little update, and my engagement pictures!!!

I sealed a contract with my second cousin to do the catering after going in to try the prime rib. It is amazing! He was so excited to do the meal, and had so many suggestions on other things I might want to consider, that I think he'll end up being a huge asset in the wedding planning! I am going to be able to go through him for the kegs of beer and he'll even supply a place to hold them during the reception! Not to mention, since he's family, it's easier to just casually talk about some things and throw ideas around!

Also, I decided to enlist a wedding coordinator. My mom's friend does wedding and party planning, so we asked if she would help with the wedding. I have a meeting set up with her in December to talk reception decor and planning! I was hesitant at first to have a coordinator because I want to think I can do it all myself, but now that she's here, I am so grateful! My stress level has dropped drastically by incorporating someone who can handle this big chunk of my big day!

Finally, here are some engagement pictures! :)