First things first...

Being engaged in July, my dream fall wedding was out. My fiance calls me CDO (OCD, alphabetized), so needless-to-say, I was not going to plan a wedding in three months! Due to where we live, I also was not about to have a winter wedding. For about five months a year, our little town is sporadically closed to outsiders due to snow and inclement conditions on the roads entering town: not worth chancing on your big day!

All said and done, we chose May 15, 2010 for our nuptials. Not a bad date for cards, either; it looks nice in calligraphy (05-15-10). This date is out of the snow rush; save for some uncharacteristic blizzard in May (has been know to happen even in July!). This date also opens a lot of doors for planning: 10 months to book sights, ALL flowers available and in season, and at the end of the school year (I am a teacher).

Most of these perks play into my main goal while planning: saving money. Using the website I was able to look at estimated costs for my zip code. The average wedding in the US costs around $20,398. In my area things are a little cheaper, so the average is around $15,000. I am hoping to stay around $10,000. I believe this can be done if I think frugally. So far, things are looking good. I will run a cost counter at the end of each blog to update my investment.

Total cost of wedding: $0