Slideshow Alternative

I was trying to come up with some ideas for showing pictures of S and I at our reception, and, keeping with my goal to be original, I wanted to do something besides a slideshow. While I always enjoy the slideshows at weddings (who DOESN'T like seeing the beautiful bride and groom in their akward years?), I wanted something that could be easier to pull out and look at again.

My first thought was to mat and mount pictures of S and I that I had blown up on paper in the wedding colors. This would definitely look incredible, but it was unreasonable. What would I do with two dozen mounted pictures in purple and green? Doesn't exactly fit in to the decor of my house!

Instead, I decided to make 10 scrapbook pages with pictures of both of us at about the same ages on each. This allows me to use the pictures I currently have, and I will be able to put the two of us together on the same page. It will show a transition from being a baby to our engagement in adulthood. Each page will have a piece of the song "Better Together" by Jack Johnson. When the wedding is over, and the pages have been displayed at the reception, I can put them into a book and have a memory to keep forever.

I'll post pictures when I have some examples! :)



Gen said...

very cute idea! :) I saw the sneak peak on FB and LOVED THEM!!